Monday, 24 July 2006

Marriage is a Holy Relation-1

In  this  world  there  are  many  relations  which  relate  or  tie  different  persons.  To
survive in this world everyone is dependent on others directly or indirectly i.e. by using
the relations. 

           Marriage  is  an  intimate  partnership  of  love  that  is  spiritual,  emotional  and
physical. Marriage fulfills in a special way the basic need the men and women have to
love and to be loved. Marriage does not mean it’s only an affair between two individuals,
or  that  is  meant  only  for  their  personal  fulfillment.  There  should  be  a  proper  balance
between the two.

         Marriage is a vocation. The partners receive a sacred call to commit themselves to
each other, to build up their relation amidst the stresses and strains of life, to dedicate
themselves  together  to  bring  up  their  children  and  to  bring  their  contribution  to  the
building up of harmony and peace in the family as welas in the society.

         Marriage  is  the  only  relation  that  is  used  to  tie  up  man  and  woman. Hence  
relationship between a man and a woman is qualitatively different from that between a
man and a man, or a woman and a woman.

         Since India is a vast country we follow different cultures. Marriage can be done in
different  ways:  exchanging  rings,  tying  holy  thread,  register  marriage,  exchanging
garlands, placing bind-hi (kumkuma) on forehead, etc. All carry the same weight.

          Marriage is a basic vocation to life-long partnership and parenthood. The intimate
partnership  of  love  in  not  meant  to  remain  sterile.  It  is  by  nature  directed  to  the
procreation  of  children  i.e.  giving  birth.  The  child  is  the  substantial  and  permanent symbol  of  the  creative  love  between  the  parents.  By  giving  birth  the  job  was  not completed, there should be common dedication to bring up the children. It is a maturing and integrating experience.

            There  are  many  things  which  should  be  taken  into  consideration  before
entering  into  this  holy  relation.  Try  to  understand  why  i am  stressing  much  on  this, because even if a single point is ignored, your life will to end somewhere.

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